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Hi Greg,
I put a new breaker box i the garage. I've got 5 240v 600w lites on one side, each has its own dbl pull breaker. On the other side of the box I have 5 single pull for 5 plugs. The wiring was already out their for a old heating unit, the old unit was hooked to an 80 dbl pull breaker with copper wire. The line is just 3 wire so I hooked the 2 hot Leeds 1 to one side 1 to the other. The third wire runs to the main panel & is a ground. I pounded a rod into the ground/earth & connected it to the neutral of the new panel.
The lites work well. The plugs appeared to work,volt meter reads 120v,CFL lite works in the plug but 1/4 hp fan won't. So I put the the plug in problem finder,in the plug,it reads Good, however win I plug in the fan the plug in problem finder says ground & hot rev. I poked around in the panel & found that the neutral bar without eney thing attached to it(I disconnected the neutral wire I grounded to the earth) reads 108v I did not use the bonding screw. I might be missing the obvious what is it?? Thank You Mike

You need to perform a voltage check with the wires that come from the main panel to verify which two are hot.

If the third wire is insulated it gets connected to the neutral in the main panel.

The ground in your sub panel gets connected to the ground wire, not the neutral.

If the third wire from the main is not insulated (meaning it is a ground wire) you will need to run another wire from the main to the sub and make it your neutral.

And of course, the sub panel stays unbonded between the ground and neutral.
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