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Hello Bob, Yesterday i successfully replaced a GFI outlet.  However today I went to put up a new wall cabinet and found out I had measured the width wrong so now I needed to move the GFI outlet 3" to the right.  Not a problem I thought, but quickly found out that my existing wire in the wall was too short for the new run.  So I "spliced" an additional piece to increase the total length and reconnected the outlet and now it doesn't work.  (Yes I turned the breaker back on after all was reconnected.)  The GFI outlet sounds like it just keeps tripping and won't reset.  I pressed the test button and then reset and still nothing happens.  Any tips on what I might try next?  Oh yes, the line in the wall had all 3 wires, Black, white and ground wire which I connected per the GFI outlet schematic on the directions.  Thank you for any and all possible tips. Stuart from Norfolk.


If there is only one cable going to the GFCI, the only thing you can do is connect black to dark colored line screw, white to light colored line screw, and ground to green. (or to the wires, if there are wires instead of screws) If you did that, and nothing is plugged in, the GFCI is defective.

I am not sure how you spliced the wire, but it is against code to splice a wire inside the wall (and dangerous). It needs to be in a junction box, and the junction box should be accessible without a cabinet or drywall in front of it.
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