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Hello, i have a petsafe guardian system. I have had it for close to 6 months. When i first got it, it worked great. I got another dog, and bought him a collar. Tried training him and followed all steps but he still goes through the line like it isn't there. Doesnt even phase him unless he walks up to it. So i called customer support and they told me i needed to try to retrain and buy the stubborn dog collar. Still have the same results. When he wants to go out he does. Wondering if the transmitters are any different or what i should try next. I have replaced the wire already, tried multiple collars, tried retraining, and only thing i haven't tried is the transmitter. All help will be appreciated. Thanks.

The Transmitter makes no difference Brian, it either works or it doesn't but I am intimantly aware of the RF-275 Stubborn Dog collar. I am an engineer by trade. I have felt the shock on this unit and it is enough to make any dog think twice (I am assuming you have it on high). What I think is happening is that the shock is not making it to your dog. Get some dog hair trimmers and some long probes for the receiver collar. Cut your dogs hair really close in that area, but don't shave him bare. Leave at least 1/4 inch of hair.

I know this will work and I am so happy that you gave me a good but easy problem to solve. I had the EXACT same problem with my German Shepard. Just buy the cheapest trimmers you can get. All you need to do is clear that area where the dog collar receiver sits on the dogs neck.
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