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I am replacing a range and have run into an issue. The wire coming from the panel is from a 50 amp breaker and reads type xhhw crrs 600 volts c cdrs 6 al (ul) 1988. The range that was connected was straight wired with the wht and grd both attached to wires that are not shielded there appears to be 8 wires. The salesman at Home Depot offer advice that I should wire the outlet the same way. I read advice that suggested running a new single wire for the neutral. I could also replace the old wire with new, its only about 15 ft. What do you suggest as the most reasonable course of action.

In order to be up to current electrical code, I would run a new circuit to include the fourth wire. On older appliances including the range, dryer, and other 240 volt devices it was code to only use a 3 wire circuit as there was no neutral, just the two hot legs and a ground. The current code in simple terms has these three previous conductors and the ground is still connected to the ground which connects to ground the actual cabinet and metal parts, the neutral grounds the electrical components in the event of a short. Thanks for asking, J
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