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I have a double wide 1968 paramount mobile home where only 1/2 of the electrical works.  I'm trying to figure out how to repair on my own, can you help.?


If it is truly 1/2 of your circuits it initially sounds like one phase is not working, which is typical of a main breaker that has failed.

Checking voltage inside a live main panel is dangerous and I do not recommend it unless you are familiar with safety practices while working with electricity.

If you do feel qualified enough to do this you should have someone with you in case something goes bad, such as you being electrocuted.

To check if you lost one phase you would remove the cover that is over the main part of the breakers in the breaker panel. Again, this is hazardous.

One would take their voltage meter, set to AC and around 700 volts, and measure the two phases coming in from the meter. If that is approximate 220 volts the next thing to check is the voltage across the two phases leaving the main breaker. This would be the two bars that feed your branch breakers.
It should read the same as the voltage from the meter. If not, and you are getting around 110 volts it means that your main breaker has either tripped or failed, or both.

You can try to reset the main breaker by turning it all the way off and then all the way on.
Check the voltage again.
If the reading is still around 110 volts then you need the main breaker replaced.

In many states and municipalities to replace the main breaker requires getting a permit and having the utility company disconnect your panel from their grid.

It can only be safely done with the power turned off from the utility company.

The other possibility is that a gfci outlet or breaker has tripped. However, it is unlikely that 1/2 of your circuits would be fed from one breaker or gfci outlet.

If your main breaker is good then you are probably looking at one or more broken wires, which is not uncommon in the walls of older mobile homes.
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