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Hello, recently I purchased a new camper and when I plug it in to an outlet to charge the battery on the camper and to just run the camper on regular electrical power the plug arcs when plugging it in.  The plug is a GFI and it does not kick and no fuses or anything go in the camper.  I called the dealer who I bought the camper from and they said this is normal because it is because the camper is drawing electricity.  I just wanted to confirm this with an electrician.  The camper is brand new.  I do not have anything on in the camper accept the charger for the battery possibly.  Any advice you could give would be helpful.  Thank you and I hope I was able to explain my problem well enough

When you plug something in that is ready to draw electricity it will often arc from the prong to the outlet.
How much arcing is affected by the amount of electricity (amps) being drawn, the condition of the prong and outlet, and the speed in which you push the plug into the outlet.

If the prong is pitted or loose in the outlet that will help cause arcing.
If the outlet is worn, pitted, or loose internally that will help cause arcing.

This is why I do not plug my trailer to truck wire plug into my pickup with the pickup running or with the pickup lights on. It is easy to pop a fuse or ruin the plug from arcing.

In your case I would suggest turning off the charger before plugging the cord into the outlet and then turn the charger on once the plug is secure.

It will help keep your plug and outlet from prematurely wearing out.

If it turns out to not be the charger causing the amp draw you can turn off the breakers before pushing the plug in and see if that stops the arcing.

If you want to go further, you can turn one breaker off at a time to see which circuit has a load on it.

Again, it does not take much of a load to cause arcing.

Hope that helps, and happy camping.
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