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I am living overseas.  I have put up Christmas decorations outside my house.  I have plugged all the plugs into an extension cord.  The other end of the cord plugs into a light bulb receptacle that has plug outlets on the side.  I don't know what the name of it is.  It has  a pull chain that enables  you to turn off the light bulb but the Christmas decorations remain lit.  I want to put a switch between the light bulb outlet and the other end of the extension cord, so that I can turn off the decorations but still use the light bulb.  I will have to run a wire from the extension cord to about five feet off the ground because the extension cord is mounted on the ceiling.  I do not want to work on the light switches inside the house because the wiring here is not color coded like it is in other countries.   Can you help me with this?  Thank you in advance for your time and expertise.

I am not sure what is available there.

In America, there is a switch which can be plugged in, and then you plug a cord into it.

Another way is to get a 2 way socket and screw the socket adapter with pull chain into both sockets (What you were describing above). Then get a plain socket adapter, which is just a converter from a socket to an outlet, and screw it in one of the adapters instead of the bulb.  You will have 2 pull chains, one for the bulb, one for the lights.

Be careful you do not overload the circuit. The light fixture probably has thin wires going from the socket to the house wiring.
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