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I live in riverside county, in So. Calif.
my home was built around 1975.
I remodeled 3years ago and the electrician added two sub-panels to carry the load for the additional space.
I am discussing a solar panel system with a local company.
They tell me that my 200 amp main box is maxed out.  That it actually calculates out at 217 amps. So I will have to upgrade the system to225 amps or to 400 amps if I think I'm ever going to instal a spa or pool in the future, before they could install the solar system and accomodate the solar feed back into the the Edison system.
The main breaker box doesn't have a label, tag or imprint.  However, the main breaker is a Bryant,
BJ 2200 type BJ, CU-AL-#2-300MCM and has not been replaced in the 28 years I have lived in the house, so I presume that the box is a,Bryant.
My question is;  Is it possible to retro fit the breaker box rather than tear it out?  If possible I would go ahead and refit,it to 400 amps to cover the future spa idea.

A breaker panel is a manufactured device and receives its UL listing as such. Any modification of the panel will void the UL listing and if there was ever a fire or other event and the panel was identified as the most likely problem, it would void an insurance claim. In my area the maximum residential service is 250 amps, I would check with the utility before making any changes, have a licensed electrican do a load test also to see if the information is correct on the 215 estimate as this sounds very high for a residential service. Also if you exceed the maximum residential service it will be considered a commercial service and you will be paying a higher cost per KWH. I have a 100+ year old home that is 2500 sq ft, plus a 1200 sq ft garage. I have two heat pumps in my home and one in the garage, so a total of 6 tons of heat pump and I am only on a 200 amp service. Hope this helps, thanks for asking, J
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