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Electrical Wiring in the Home/water heater not working following outside wiring work


My electrician replaced the outside wiring from the power company box to the inside of the house while I was away and upon my return the water heater does not seem to be working.  The hot water faucets all have only slightly luke warm water.  It's a weekend so I do not think I can get the electrician to return until Monday.  

I still have an old-fashioned fuse box inside the house (second phase of my electric work will be to upgrade that).  I do not find any fuse labeled water heater, so do not know if a blown fuse could be the problem.  From talking with the power company earlier about the condition of my outside wiring, and reading material on this website and others it appears the hot water heater is separately wired from the outside box.  Is there a fuse somewhere I can check?  What about the reset button I've read about on this website?  In short, is there anything I can do before the electrician can return on Monday (or later)?

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water heater
water heater  
There is a reset button on electric water heaters.
It sounds like you have at least 110 volts at your water heater.
About the only thing you can do without using a voltmeter is visually check all the fuses and push the reset button on the water heater.

I recommend you turn off the power before attempting to push the reset button. The reset button is located on the side of the water heater behind a metal cover plate.

Here is picture of where the reset button is located and approximately. what it looks like.

Note: some water heaters have two reset buttons, one closer to the top and one closer to the bottom.  
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