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Electrical Wiring in the Home/Ceiling Fan Install (with no pre-existing fixture)


Greetings Bob,

I would appreciate your insights on the following.  I've been wanting to install a ceiling fan in our master bedroom for some time but the room does not have an existing fixture to wire from.  I'm not an electrician (obviously) but pretty handy.  Obviously the mechanical install of the fan is one thing, but I'm most curious about getting electricity to the fan (possibly a fan/light combo).

Some background: The master is on the second floor, there are no over head light fixtures in the room.  Normal ceiling type with an attic above.  There is one switch for the room, which actuates a few outlets around the far perimeter of the room.  There are other outlets around the room which are hot all the time.  Off the master is a bath with a light in the ceiling.  I haven't yet been up into the attic to see what's up there as for existing wiring.

How would I go about getting the correct wiring to the center of the ceiling where I would want to install the fan?

Scenario 1(easier?): use only pull string controls on fan for motor and light

Scenario 2(a little more difficult): tie hot power for fan/light to existing room switch.  The pull string could be used to control fan speed and at the fan.

I would be fine with either scenario though scenario 2 would be preferred.

I'm guessing I'll have to give you a little more information, but I was just wondering if this was possible without being a huge job.  I've spliced off outlets before, but knowing which kind of wire and how to run/contain the wire would be nice as well.

Thank you so much in advance.



Usually the hardest part is fishing the wires through the walls.  You have to be careful where you pull the power from.  If the wires goes to the switch first, and then to a light, you can't tap off of that light unless you want to turn on that light to get the fan to work. Also, if the bath light and the outlet is on the same circuit, you can't add anything to it by code.

You can always run a wire from an outlet that is switched to the fan through the wall.  You can tap off of the switch, only if the power comes to the switch first.  If the switch has only one black and one white wire, you can't tap off of the switch.  You can tap off of an outlet, and add a switch. It would probably be easier to fish the wires, if you have a hole to work with where the switch will go.
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