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I own a jacuzzi z110 hot tub, a few months ago it worked fine but it was not hot . I replaced  topside control , it has the phone plug in cord. I plugged in the hot tub and i don't have any power,(the gfi outlet works fine) but the plug gfi doesn't lite up and the test and reset buttons dont seem to be able to press them in
can the plug be bad

It could be the cord that is not functioning correctly.

But first verify that you have the proper voltage at the outlet, and that you have proper polarity.

With the cord unplugged, disconnect it from the hot tub.

Tape the wires separately with electrical tape and plug the cord back in.
See if you can reset the gfci on the cord.
If not, unplug the cord and remove the tape from the ground wire and connect the ground wire to its proper place (where you removed it). Leave the other two wires taped and plug it back into the outlet.
See if you can reset the gfci.

If the gfci on the cord will not reset it indicates that the cord needs to be replaced.

However, you may have another problem that caused the cord to go bad.

You need to check continuity from the chassis ground to where the cord attaches (with cord unplugged).  You could have a short that caused the gfci in the cord to go bad. And you need to check for a short between the hot and neutral circuit.

If the gfci cord stays on when disconnect from the hot tub it means you have a problem in the hot tub. Again, it could be a short.  
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