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QUESTION: The lights on my kitchen circuit, began dimming when anything was plugged into the outlets on that circuit. I assumed a bad switch for outlet, and replaced them. But to no improvement. I figured there was a broken wire or a short somewhere instead... but this is where it gets weird, if my water heater breaker is turned off, or completely removed, my kitchen loses power. I traced the line from the breaker to the water heater and there are no splices or deviations, it is a straight shot from the breaker to the heater. Though with the heater does not seem to be receiving power. I have replaced both breakers for my water heater and kitchens circuit. And again no improvement. I have tried changing the positions of the Breakers, but again no improvement. What would cause a circuit breaker that is not a part of my kitchen circuit to affect it so drastically? Also it only affects my kitchen circuit the rest of my home remains unaffected.
It has me pretty stumped and frustrated, any insight would be greatly appreciated.

ANSWER: Please explain meaning of "though with the heater does not seem to be rrceiving power. "
Does the wster heater work?

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QUESTION: The water heater is nearly new, and was functioning normally up to the time the problem began. Now it does not work. I have removed the access panels on it and there is no corrosion or burn marks. No hot water, with no obvious reason.

ANSWER: Sorry. Forgot to ask. 120 or 240 water heater?
Try to reset main?
Split bus panel?

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QUESTION: 240v water heater, resetting the main does not seem to improve the situation, it is a sub-panel (mobile home with the main disconnect breaker in the meter box outside) It has a 100amp "Main" in the breaker box as well though.

From what you are describing:
There is incoming utility service to a meter and an external disconnect.
From the internal disconnect there is a single feed to a circuit breaker panel with a main breaker that disconnects the entire load for the trailer.
In this panel there are multiple breakers for several circuits, many of which work properly.
There are only two problem circuits.
The water heater, 240 volts, does not work at all.
The kitchen circuit fluctuates and does not work if the water heater circuit is turned off.
The symptoms suggest an open neutral but the 240 failure suggests complete or partial loss of one ungrounded [hot] conductor.
If, as you state, there is no common point in these circuits outside the circuit breaker panel, then the problem must lie in the breaker panel or before it.
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