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I had a circuit with 10-3 wire that had 2 light switches and 2 outlets. The outlet works fine, but never used the switch before. Someone came in and took it apart and I don't have a clue how to rewire this. Like I said the outlet was working but the switch is my problem when I turn it on i get a hot/ground reverse error on my tester. What wires should I have on each side. I am thinking the red white on one, black blue on the other. Any help??? Is my problem clear?

I need some clarification.

You have a circuit that feeds two outlets and two lights with two switches controlling the lights.

The outlets are powered correctly.

Are you having a problem with one light switch or both light switches?

Typically, a light switch has three screws; one for power coming in, one for power leaving, and one for the ground.

Tell me what wires you have in the switch box.

You will need to establish which wire is hot and which is neutral.

There are more questions I need to ask, but for now I need to know the answers to these.
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