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Hi. Is it safe to connect more then one appliance to a 220 breaker? I recently saw a friend's breaker box. It's a mess. I've done simple things for her in the past. I've changed out light switches and electrical outlets gone bad. She has one room in her house that may have a short somewhere. I noticed one breaker controls two rooms (lights and outlets). When I turned the breaker switch off and back on, I heard a sizzle sound. One room stayed working, but the other room went back off. Is this breaker overloaded? I made sure the wires were tightly secure, no change. It did not trip. But I've never seen a breaker have two sets of hot wires connected before.

Also, is it wise to try and clean up her breaker box. I mean, I did a little trouble shooting because nothing is labeled. With help, I went down the box, one by one, shutting breakers off and back on to make sure which ones went to what rooms. She has some breakers that don't effect anything in the house. At the very least should these remain off. Maybe to conserve energy. Or should they be removed all together?


Other than baseboard heaters, it is not safe to connect more than one 220 volt item to a circuit.

If you heard a sizzle, a wire probably burned loose.  This could very easily start a fire.  An electrician should look at it.  Electricians may be expensive, but cheaper than having to deal with a fire. Breakers are not supposed to have 2 circuits on it.

Are you sure the breakers that seem to have nothing on it don't have smoke detectors or other important things?  If there is truly nothing on it, then you won't save money leaving them off.  
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