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Hi Bob,

I am replacing my side of house spigot with a frost free sillcock.  The existing fixture is brass and the new frost free is chrome plated.  There is currently a ground clamp and wire attached to the spigot behind the handle.  

I cant tell where the ground wire goes; it heads in the direction of my phone/cable boxes (which are above the spigot one foot to the right) but I cant see if it actually goes in.  I have my electrical panel ground attached to the supply side of my water pipe where it enters the house, so I just assume that the one on the spigot is for the phone/cable.

Three questions/issues:
1)Is it safe to disconnect this for the hour or so it will take to replace the fixture? I will be the only one home and not using anything in the house.

2)The existing fixture has enough room behind the handle to attach the ground clamp (obviously, since it's there) but the new one does not due to the position of the anti-siphon valve. Do I need a grounding rod instead or should I try to reattach?

2)Assuming I can reattach, will the chrome plating affect the ground connection? I assume not because it's still metal, but I wasn't sure.



The best thing to do might be to put a clamp on the wire before you take it off, run an extra piece of wire inside, and clamp it to pipe before the spigot.  Then you can removed it from the faucet, and you won't lose your ground.

I'm not as familiar with electronics as I am with electricity, but I have heard some horror stories when the ground wire comes loose.

If you do take the wire off, I would make sure that the cable box is unplugged both from the cable wire and the power source. You might want to unplug your phones too.
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