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have 2 light in kitchen exhaust fan in hood 3 wall outlet all on 1 circuit ever thing work buy lights in kitchen it ben working for 40 years I check the swatch no vote at switch where else should I look

It is not likely that you will have voltage at the switch, not impossible, but not likely. The switch usually only has the hot leg of the circuit. I would check the outlets, normally the power would go to the outlets first, one of the outlets would send power out to the switch "a hot leg" and then the top of the switch would feed the light. Now if you have a ground wire going to the switch, you could check the voltage from ground to hot "should be about 110-125.  To sum it up, If you got power going to the switch, then it is the circuit at the light "make sure the connection are working properly, if you got a ground or in some cases you might have a White or neutral wire, If there is not no power there, then one of those outlets you have is feeding your switch and its not performing. Check or re-due all connections, things should clear up. Hope I have helped, I would have answered this question earlier but I thought it was open to all and I thought others would take it.   Good luck...........Curt dog........
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