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QUESTION: I have an existing lighting situation. The there are 3 fixtures on a run that are switched (single pole) at one end, however, the power is being supplied at the other end.
How do I wire it so that the switch turns all the lights on?
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ANSWER: Are you saying that each of these lights have their own individual switch? If that be the case then just go to where the switch make connection pull the switch out and connect the wire back together. Example, All the switch does is interrupt the hot circuit/opens and closes it. So the switch is in series with the hot side of the circuit, If you take the switch all the way out and connect those wires together you have gotten rid of the switch. If you are trying to control these three wires by one switch it really does not matter how far away are where the main feed is. Find the main wires that are feeding the circuit and you can splice a switch in anywhere. I am giving you various solutions in the hopes that one will work for you because I am not all the way sure that I am understanding your situation. If your switch is far from the main feed wires then all you can do is run you switch wire out to the main feed or bring wires from the main feed to the switch, (which is actually the same thing)I truly hope this info helps, if you could explain it to me a little better, maybe I could assist you better..............Curtdog

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QUESTION: Sorry for not making my situation clear.
There are 3 fixtures and one switch. The power source comes through a  receptacle to one of the fixtures. The switch is placed at the opposite end of the power source, so that the 3 fixtures are between the source and the switch. The previous electrician used 14-2 cable. I believe he used the ground wire as the neutral.  I plan to use 14-3 cable with my black wire directly connecting the receptacle to the switch.  How do I make this a parallel series that has all 3 fixtures controlled by the singl switch?

You have to get your switch between the power and the first fixture. Disconnect the switch from it's existing location, connect the wires back together where the switch has been removed. Run the wires from the switch all the way to the power source one side to the hot side of you input power(the white) and the other hot side of your first light (the black). You should not have to change the neutrals at all. Now all you have to do is make sure all the lights are in parallel, Hot wires to hot, neutral to neutral. You can do this with the existing 14-2 because the Switch leg only needs a hot side and a ground. Example, let's say you have a white and black wire for the switch, put the white of the 14-2 at the bottom of your switch and the black to the top of the switch. On the other ends of the wire you can connect the white to the black(hot) side of the power source and use the black side to connect the light. This is a normal connection for a switch leg but you must get some black tape on the white wire to re-label it so all will know that it is now Hot.. Feel free to get back at me if you have any further questions. Good Luck...Curt dog.
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