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I have a pond pump rated at 8 amps that keeps tripping the GFI it is plugged into. Changed out the GFI and still have the same problem. Tried another GFI with the same results. I can plug anything else with or with out a ground plug into the GFI for the pond pump and it will power the device I plugged in with no problems and will not trip the GFI.
Thought, ok the problem is between the pump the GFI. I plugged the pond pump into a standard outlet using an extension cord and the pump will run just fine.
Double checks all the connections at the pond pump and at the GFI. Everything is ok.
This one has me stumped... any ideas?

Are you wiring the GFCI up correctly? If there is no water getting into the circuit then the only thing I can think of is your are not wiring it up right. If you got power coming to the GFI, put your ground to the ground terminal, don't screw with the bottom part of the GFI. That little tab that goes to the bottom side of the GFI, do not put your power in there, put it at the top and that should make it ground fault protected and should work. It is very rare that you could get to bad GFI's so I am thinking that you are not wiring it up correctly. Also make sure that there is no water inside the cabling that would trip the GFI, that is the purpose of the GFI to throw when the circuit current leaves the actual circuit and find a alternative route. I hope the I have been able to help you, Do not hesitate to get back at me if the problem persist. Curt dog..................
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