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i had a wall outlet to go out had the outlet replace with new one still nothing had all new wires run and all new outlets in the kitchen run replaced breakers had power then but keeps reading open ground then goes out at times,stove keeps doing the same thing,bought a new stove cause i thought that was the problem can get it to come on but will go out then after a while might come back onthen might go a week befor repeting i did not change the wire to the stove just the breaker,we are just stumped any help would be very greatful

ANSWER: Hello Gerald, Yes it does appear to be a very odd situation. Barring a loose connection and I am sure you have already tested that. Is the outlet wire old liked that aluminum stuff? I would wait for it to go off and then test the input and output power at the breaker. When it goes off do you still have power at either of these locations? Gerald there is also a situation that is created when a circuit is unbalanced. In your panel box you might have too many big breakers on one side and too many small breakers on the other. Look at your breaker setup, if there is a split breaker situation where you have so many breakers on the left side and so many on the right, add all the sizes on one and then the other. When I say sizes I am talking about the amps of the breakers. EXAMPLE, Let's say you got 6 breakers on one side, they are 60amp, 40amp, 30amp, 2-20amp, and a 15amp. That gives you a total of 185amps. On the other side you have 6 breakers and they are 3-20amp, and 3-15amp. That gives you a total of 105amps. That is what I mean by a Load unbalanced because you have 80 more amps on one side than you have on the other. When that happens the circuit with the most breakers tend to want to take over the system, usually it trips breakers but I have seen it do a lot of other odd stuff. I truly hope that I have been helpful to you, I'd most definitely check my connections, but look for that other condition also. Curt dog......

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QUESTION: thanks for the reply i will check them breakers ,i ran all new wire from every outlet in my kitchen to breaker box and all new outlets ,and installed all new breakers , but the outlets that had been going out still reads open ground ,they still worked after replacing all that was about 3 weeks ago now they went back out ,just really weird,so why would it still be doing that and reading open ground?


To be honest with you, I don't no what to tell you, you have checked the connections, you have changed out the breaker, re-wired the circuit, looked for that unbalanced situation that I was telling you about, I thought I was good but I must confess that I am stumped. Are you reading voltages at the outlet. If you can get a meter read voltages at the outlet & the breaker. Oh, hey I just remembered a situation that I ran across that was similar. Take a meter and read the voltages at those two locations. If from black to white you read 67 volts or something low like that and then you read 120 from black to ground, then you have lost you return or neutral wire. Us electricians get so hung up on checking to see if the thing has power that we often forget about return. If you do get this type of reading then you need to see if you can't find where the neutral wire came loose at. If you don't have a meter then you pretty much need to turn the power off on that circuit and go back and re-do all the neutral connections. About 80% of the time you will find that the problem is in the Man Panel. Find the black wire and trace it back until you can locate it's mate-(the white wire that it came with. (be careful).   And good luck.. Do let me know how it came out.... Curtdog
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