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QUESTION: i wired in three lights to my bedroom and porch. there was existing wiring going to outlets etc. i grabbed power from the existing power going to the outlets and light. ever since then i have to have the bedroom light switch on in order for the outlets and and porch light to work. where did i go wrong?


Did you connect the wires to an existing junction box?  What is the box for, and how many wires does it have? You connected the wires to the bedroom light.  Depending on how many wires are in the box, would depend on how easy it is to fix.

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QUESTION: i ran wire from an existing box to a second junction box and from there to three switches and three lights.in the first box wired in was the initial hot supply and multiple plug ins. (total wires in first box i think is four)now i have to have one of the new switches on in order for the plug ins and other lights to work.


In any single pole (one way) switch, one terminal is hot all the time, and the other is hot only when the switch is on.  So, locate the switch that has to be on, and put the black wire going to your new items on the other terminal of the switch.  Your wire may not connect directly to the switch, but trace the wire on the opposite terminal and connect your black wire there.
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