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Romex at vent pipe
Romex at vent pipe  
Hi Bob,

Can I run my romex along/through the sub-floor opening that my 2" plumbing vent runs through?  

The opening is more than ample to run 3 lines I need through the sub-floor.     

I'm trying to avoid drilling yet another hole through the sill plate in an area that already has 3 existing holes for plumbing, but certainly I want to do whats right.

THANKS IN ADVANCE for any advice!

Hi Ron,

   Based on the picture you posted - yes you should be able to run the 3 lines thru that opening where it is only a vent pipe and has plenty of space (we do it all the time in  remodels and it always passes rough-in inspection). However - if the romex is closer than 1.25 inches to the wall edge of the wooden member - that you must use a steel nailer plate (usually 1/16 inch thick) to cover that area to avoid damage from a nail or screw - I can't tell from your picture how close the romex is to the edge - but if it can be moved back closer to the center of the wall and supported  so it will not get closer to the edge - a nailer plate will not be required (see Art 300.4 of the 2011 NEC )

  Also - where these are "open" walls - all the romex runs must be supported and secured (as opposed to wires fished thru the hollow of finished walls which are allowed to free fly inside the wall)- if the romex I'm seeing coming up thru a bored hole in the wood was pre-existing and there for too short to be stapled to or otherwise secured to the sides of the studs - your local inspector may allow it...some will...some won't.

 Hope this helps Ron...if you have more questions - please follow-up. NOTE: due to recent open heart surgery (that did not go well)...I will be marking myself as "away" at this site to limit questions until I recover further.You can still reach me by email with any follow-ups at:


Best Wishes,

Bob Osgood

Owner / Master Electrician

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