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I have a 115 volt hot tub plugged into a GFI.  Directly below the hot tub is an extension cord which is plugged into a power bar, which in turn is plugged into a different GFI (both GFI's run off a 3 wire plus ground cable and 2 15 amp single pole breaker).  Every thing has been fine for 4 years.  Recently I discovered a shock if I put my hand in the water while standing on the wet ground and the power bar is OFF! When I unplugged the power bar there is no shock so the hot tub must be ok.  How is this possible with the power bar switched off?  Is there current running through the ground wire since it seems to me this would be the only continuous circuit with the power bar switched off.  I can stop using the extension cord but it seems to me it is an indication of a bigger problem.


Is there metal plumbing going to the hot tub?  That might be the cause of the problem.  Make sure there is a continuous path in the metal pipe throughout the system.  Check for any plastic couplings or filters in the line.

To check the ground, put a tester between the the ground and the neutral of the outlet, and see if there is any reading.

Strange things happen, and it may take an experienced electrician to figure it out.  
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