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I have a switch that used to show if the door in the basement was open. I bought a new switch but not sure how the wiring is supposed to attach. I have a white and black wire and a red and yellow(picture attached).  how do I connect them to make it work. -- thanks

Mary, with a red and yellow I am not sure what they are using for the hot and neutral. I looked at an identical switch. The switch with the light on one side has two terminals with black head screws. The hot circuit wire needs to be attached to the black screw beside of the switch, it is connected with a factory jumper to the light black terminal. On the other side of the swietch, the hot wire feeding to the basement will attach to the switch screw. The ground connects in the center of this side and the circuit neutral connects to the screw terminal beside of the light. A short wire needs to be attached to this screw beside of the light that is silver and the circuit neutral and the neutral from the basement will all three be tied together with a wire nut and the short wire connected to this silver screw. This gives the neutral to operate the light on the switch and the basement device. Thanks J
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