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I am finishing off my partially finished basement.  I have added 5 zones of can ligts in different areas.  I would like to have a switch at the top of the stairs to turn off any of the lights that might have been left one, ect... by the kids (or Me:))  SO at each zone I would like to install a dimmer light switch and the ability to turn them on at the bottom of the stairs where I can run wiring (The top is not that easy as its been finished (I could get wire there but I have to come from the bottom up).  So at the top a light switch for the hall light and a swuitch to turn on the bottom level lights) then at the bottom of the stairs a switch to turn off/on the stair light and a bank for the zones to turn off and on any of the zones), then 1 switch in each zone to dim and turn off each zone).  I have read about lestron switch that has a on then buttons for each zone and a off, but imm not sure how $$ that would be for the total package as I cant tell whats needed down stream from that on that type of a solution.  Any help or advise would be appreciated.

The problem you will encounter is you are looking at a four way switch installation. Even though one is a dimmer, you have three switch points or a four way switch circuit and I do not know of a four way dimmer. There may be one, but I am not aware of it. You may consider just having a motion sensor turn all of the lights off in the zones and having one light with a switch top and bottom for basement access.

Thanks J
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