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I have an electric driveway gate. It is a double gate, although I only have one side that is wired to open. The other side is manual. There is an AC outlet, 120v, on each side. They are wired to the same breaker. Last week, the opener wouldn't work. I noticed the green "on" light where it plugs in was not lit. I ran an extension cord from the manual side, and the light came on and the gate worked. Assuming it was a faulty outlet. I removed the old outlet and replaced it, but again the light didn't come on. I put my voltmeter on it and it only reads 100v. So, I am back to using an extension cord. My question is why am I losing 20v and what do I need to do (if things around here ever thaw)
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The reason you are getting a funny reason is probably caused by feedback on the line, which would indicate the white neutral wire is not making contact.  The problem could be anywhere between the outlet that is not working and where it connects to the outlet that is working.  The most likely place might be at the working outlet where it leaves to go to the non-working outlet.  If not, the wire may be damaged somewhere.  So check the working outlet and see if there is a wire leaving that outlet.
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