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we moved in 1 yr ago.  new meters were installed jan. 2013, 2 wk after we moved in.  we should only be using 1300 kwh a month.  the past 3 mts, usage has been 4200 to 4500 kwh a mth.  we dealt with low voltage issues during aug./sept.. 2013 which lasted a mth our 1 meter racked up over 1400 kwh in 1 day.  still getting really high kwh/bills.  just had new meters put on last 2 days, still using over 100 kwh a day, which is double what we should be using.  any suggetions?  thanx

There are several factors that can lead to high bills and I will write some down here. They may or may not apply to you but it is kind of a check list for you to go through.

1. Heat pump with electric back up heat. If you have this it may be that your area is just too cold for the heat pump to keep up, or the heat pump is not functioning properly, or your t-stat is set for back up heat.

2. Electric Water Heater. If you have an electric water heater the elements may have a large mineral build up on them which makes them inefficient. The water heater may a large build up of sediment in the bottom.

3. Sump pumps. If you have a sump pump see if it is running a lot due to too much moisture.

4. Put an amp meter on each circuit (recommended that an electrician do this) and measure the amp draw and wattage of each circuit.

Hope that helps.
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