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At night, as I lay awake through the night, I hear clicking. It sounds like someone is turning on a light switch. It appears random and comes from the bathroom and the hallway. I assumed it was the light switch on the wall but after Google, it appears it could be the bulbs. Have you had this experience and how can I correct it. I was told that there is electricity circulating through out the house and that there is an internal switch that closes the light switch while in the off position. If that is broken, then it will click. How can I fix this problem? Thank you

I have given much thought to your inquiry.

I have heard devices click on their own, but only once, when they open the circuit. An example would be when a breaker trips or a GFI trips. They need to be manually reset to trip again. (I am possibly incorrectly assuming you don't have any automatic relays involved here....)

I cannot imagine what you were searching that got a google response which suggested the lamps (light bulbs) were clicking...

Further, I don't know who told you electricity is circulating through your house, but either they don't know what they are talking about, explained it poorly or you misunderstood them.

Internal switch? There is only the switch, and the toggle handle that controls it. There is no mystery switch inside the device that opens and closes on its own. There would only be one click, and that only if and when someone manipulated the switch....and actually, the switch is opened when in the off position, interrupting current flow.

If the clicking is keeping you awake, don't frantically lay in bed, get up and locate the exact source of the clicking. Kindly share your discovery with me. I can hardly wait to hear what you find!
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