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Our home was built in 1965.  The large playroom in the basement is heated with 3 10' electric baseboard units controlled by one thermostat.  The units have heated this area over the years, but last year had problem with getting the units to come on from time to time.  Recently cleaned them and turned them on so they would be ready for fall & winter heating.  Only one of the three units came on.  Original thermostat still in place.  Do I need to troubleshoot by upgrading with new thermostat.  If not thermostat what do you suggest?

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You can test the thermostat by setting it higher than the actual room temperature and use a test light to see if there is power on the end that goes to the heater. Be careful not to get shocked. If the heaters are 220 volt, you would not want to use a 110 volt bulb. However, if they are all on one thermostat, and one came on, it sounds like the thermostat is good.

The elements can burn out.  It might be easier to replace the whole unit than just the element. You can disconnect the element, and use a continuity tester to see if there is continuity.  If not, the element is bad.
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