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I am doing some remodeling.
I am putting in a electric box inside the wall
to have the cables and electric hidden for mounting a tv on the wall.  My general licensed contractor wants to do the work himself..  He does not have a electrician license but is experienced and
Has been in the business for 30 years.

Is it a simple job and safe to let him do the work or should I worry and demand that he hires  an electrcian

Thank you.

Hi Kay,

  I have no way to evaluate your general contractors "electrical" skills...most GC's in this area are primarily builders/remodelers...and have little - if any - electrical training....no more than a licensed plumber or any other non-electrical trade person would....many are able to do some limited electrical only because they've seen it done so many times before - usually by actual licensed electricians. However - a 2 fold problem then surfaces ..1)because they are not trained, experienced or licensed to do this work...they may not be aware of all the Electrical Codes and requirements needed to safely and properly do the work and 2). because they are NOT licensed - should there be a problem because of a result of the work they have done...their insurance generally will NOT cover any damages because they did work outside of their scope, training and license.

 Some States do allow the homeowner (but NOT a non-electrical contractor) to do electrical work inside the home they own....but it MUST be inspected in the rough-in stage (before it gets covered up by sheet-rock, paneling, etc) ...and we find many, many homeowners disregard that VERY important requirement (I frequently get called out to troubleshoot and repair DIY work...including work done by contractors in non-electrical trades.)

 Sure - this would be what us Master's consider routine and "simple" electrical work...because it's what we do every day...what we are trained and licensed to do. But - as with ALL electrical work...your's is a task that should ALWAYS be done by licensed electricians...or at least closely inspected by one...as above. It comes down to safety and peace of mind....and knowing that if an insured and skilled licensed electrician does the work...you have more confidence that the work was done right - is up to Code...and is safe....and IF there should later be some form of problem...it's covered.

 Having almost 40 years of LICENSED electrical experience...the only answer I can comfortably give you is - demand the work be done by a skilled licensed electrician - ask to see his / her license and proof of insurance....eliminate the worry and sleep better at night.

 Hope this helps...if you have additional questions, please follow-up. NOTE: have several medical appointments for the next few weeks as I continue to recover from open heart surgeries....and will need to mark myself as "away" at this site. However, you can always reach me directly at :  info@rkoelectric.com        
and I will get back to you as soon as I am able.

Best Wishes,

Bob Osgood
Master Electrician / Owner

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