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We have a Whirlpool Microwave over our stove.  The other day, I noticed its clock was not on (no numbers were lit). I opened the door, and the light didn't come on.  Then I noticed the stove below also did not have its numbers showing on the clock, so I logically checked the fridge, which also was not running.  I headed downstairs to check the circuit breaker, and one was tripped.  I switched it back, and headed back to the kitchen.

Once there, I could hear the refrigerator running and the clock on the stove was working, but the microwave still did not have a clock or light, and didn't respond to any button pushing.  Is this something that I can look into / fix as a homeowner?  Do I need to bring in a professional?  If so, is it even worth the money to repair it versus replace it?  Thanks for your help!

The microwave, refrigerator and stove should not all be on the same circuit. If they are then you will experience tripping. If the microwave turns on when the compressor for the refrigerator turns on it is too much for the circuit.

So I am wondering if you have another breaker tripped.

Do the following:

Make sure your computer(s) are turned off.
Turn each breaker off one by one and turn them back on.
Make sure each breaker goes all the way to the off position before you move it to the on position.
(sometimes a breaker trips in a way that does not appear like it is tripped).
If your microwave did not turn on after you reset all the breakers do the following:
Look above your stove (open the cabinet doors) and you should see an outlet with the microwave cord plugged into it.
Unplug the microwave and plug something in that you know works (hair blower, light, etc) and see if the outlet is working properly.
If your hair blower, etc does work in the microwave outlet that means you need to have an appliance tech look at your microwave.
If your hair blower, etc does not work it means you need an electrician.

If you have no power at your microwave you could have a bad breaker or loose/burnt connection.

You do not want to open up your microwave because it has a large capacitor that could shock you. Plus there are many safety devices that you do not want to tamper with, so let an appliance tech do that for you.

The cost? It depends on the repair. Around here you can get an above the stove microwave in the high $200.00 range. Unless the repair is simply a fuse then you will most likely spend more money on the repair than a new microwave.
However, you have the cost to remove the microwave and install the new one.

Hope that helps.
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