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Recently inherited from my dad a not so portable portable welder, a Airco Dip/Stick 160. The thing is a beast!

1st-  I have a 240v outlet in my garage but the plug on the welder is different then the plug on my garage wall, both have 3 spades but are different. Does it make more sense to change the plug on the wall or the welder to match each other?

2nd- with the length of the cord on the welder I will need to roll it out from where I have room to store it to plug it in. I was thinking of making a heavy duty extension cord (8'-10'long) and just make the correct ends to plug in without changing the outlet or the plug on the welder so I wouldn't need to move it. My dad has a roll of wire that is labeled on the outside cover -


Would this work for a heavy duty extension cord for the welder?



There is a reason that the plugs do not match.  The plug configuration is related to the amps, so that you do not plug in the wrong thing and burn your house down.

You will need to figure out the amp rating of the plug, which should be the amp rating on the circuit breaker.  Then you need to figure out the amp rating of the welder, which should be on the welder. This may also help: http://www.nooutage.com/nema_configurations.htm.

In either case, you will need to replace the outlet and the breaker.  If the welder is rated at a higher amperage than the outlet, you will also need to replace the wire.  If this seems overwhelming, you may want to get an electrician.
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