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I would like to connect a kiln directly to a 40 AMPS sub-panel.  The Kiln is 240 volt drawing 30 AMPS according to specs.  I fished a #8 wire from the mail panel to the room where the Kiln will be located.  The kiln own power cord has only three wires green, white and black.  The wire going to the sub-panel has 4, ground, red black and white.  How do I connect the #8 to the sub-panel breaker and then the kiln to the breaker?  Do I need a one switch breaker or a dual switch?

Be sure to double check the kiln as it appears this may be a 120 volt kiln with a white wire as part of the cord, but if it positively is a 240 volt, connect the black to black, the red to the white of the kiln cord and the grounds together and do not use the white from the panel to the kiln. You will need a double breaker for the kiln and connect the black to one connection of the breaker and the red to the other connection and the ground to the ground bar. Make sure the sub panel for sure is a 240 volt sub panel also if it is only a 40 amp sub panel. Thanks J
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