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QUESTION: I have a 240 line from a previous Hot Tub that I would like to use to power outlets in a new room that I am constructing where the Hot Tub used to be.
Can you advise how I proceed?  I have installed circuits before including new breakers, so have a little ( dangerous) knowledge !

Mike Thornton

ANSWER: It can be done, but is usually not practical.  You would have to connect the thick wire to outlets made to accept 12 gauge wire.  You would need to change the breakers to 15 or 20 amp. If the wire is 3 conductor plus ground, you can use two circuits.  However, it would need to be a double pole breaker, and if the white wire comes loose, the voltage will change on both circuits, one up and one down. If it is 2 wires plus ground, you could get only one circuit, but you would need a single pole breaker.

If you need more information, please ask a follow up question with how many circuits you can use, and how many outlets, what you are using them for, etc.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I was going to put an electric 120v wall heater, a couple of outlets (plugs) and some lights in this new room.  As I have no way to string new wires from the Breaker box, I had the not so brilliant idea of using an otherwise useless circuit !!
The wire is indeed 3 plus ground and in the Breaker box it shows two 50 amp switches joined together, if I'm reading it right?

You should replace the breaker with a 20 amp breaker.  Put a junction box at the cable, and you can have one circuit for the heater, and one for everything else.  Connect all the white wires together.  Connect one black wire from one circuit to the thick black, and the other black wire to the red thick wire.
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