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Electrical Wiring in the Home/Kick space heater causing tv interference


We installed a kick space heater during a recent kitchen renovation and discovered it's causing interference with the kitchen tv when the circulating fan kicks on and off. The two are close together in the kitchen, however we're finding interference on the tv in the living room as well, tho to a lesser degree. The other tv in the house on the second floor hasn't had any noticeable problems. I've seen other people ask the question online but not viable solutions to fixing it. Any ideas?

With this type of problem we typically start by looking at the ground wires.
Since your problem is a local area it is possible that you are using the same ground wire for your tv and heater.
This type of problem use to be an issue with microwave ovens in older homes but in newer homes they run a dedicated line and that has eliminated the problem.

Where did you get the power for the heater? Did a new dedicated line get pulled from the breaker box, or did it get pulled from an existing line in the kitchen?

Some things you can do is to make sure the ground connections are all tight and especially at the ground bar in the breaker box.
Plus, if you have cable/dish/etc make sure their ground connection is tight and in a good place for a ground.

A lot of times they ground to the breaker box, if so make sure they scratched the paint where the point of contact is for the connector. The better place for their ground is your ground bar if you have one that is accessible.

In other words, make sure the TV/Cable ground is good.

If all of that checks out okay and you still have problems you need to look at the neutral wires, especially in regards to the ground.

It is possible that your neutral and ground are connected together somewhere else than the breaker box. Sometimes you find them tied together at outlets. Sometimes, especially in older homes you find them used as ground at an outlet(s).

There is a small chance your polarity is reversed somewhere, meaning neutral got connected to hot and hot to neutral.

You could have a loose neutral somewhere.

If you have a subpanel you have to make sure the neutral and ground are not bonded in the subpanel, but bonded in the main panel.

So here is a list to start checking.

It may just come down to the motor internally is causing interference.

Hope this helps.  
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