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Hi Bob, I have more questions. First the line of basement lights are wired and working great, Yay! In my journey to clean up some wiring I've stumped myself. I have one single pole switch running to a porch light. How can I take a line across to another single pole light switch to control the kitchen light?

Also while I was wiring the new line into the main I noticed that some neutral & ground wires were wired into the same spot while others were split into two spots. I have 6 open spaces left for circuit brakers that are empty but it seems I'm running out of ground and neutral spots. Do you normally put the ground and neutral together? I have a Square D 200 amp.
Thanks so much for your help!...Linda


Check how many wires you have at the switch.  if you have one cable with two wires, plus the ground, you can not tap into that switch.  If you have more than one cable, then the white connects to the whites, the ground to the grounds.  Then you need to connect the new black wire to the black wire coming in with the power.  If you are not sure then you can turn the switch off, and carefully use a tester to see which wire has power. If there are blacks connected together, you can add the black.  If the black just goes to the switch, you will need to tie the old black, the new black and a pigtail (wire to the switch) together with a wire nut.

As long as the breaker box is the main box, and not a sub box, you can connect grounds and neutrals together. If you are running out of space, try connecting two grounds in one screw.
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