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QUESTION: Hi Bob, On to the next quest...LOL I have a double plug that I need to wire up. The power comes up to the first plug, a line goes up from there to a light,  not sure how to wire it correctly to jump over to second plug?
I noticed when grounding my lines in the main box that some of the screws are getting a bit tight. When I unscrew to put my ground wire in could I dab a bit of soap on the threads or is this a no no? Thanks again for all your help!...Linda

ANSWER: You are wiring from the first plug to the second plug, and a wire comes from from the first plug?  Since the plug has only an in and out screw, you will need to run a pigtail from the outlet and then connect it to one of the wires already there plus the new wire.  You'll need to do that for the black, for the white, and for the ground.

I've never heard of putting soap. It's probably not a good idea, since it is not a good conductor of electricity.  Better to try to use a bigger screwdriver to get more leverage.

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wiring diagram
wiring diagram  

wiring diagram
wiring diagram  
QUESTION: Hope I did this right, I"ve included a diagram. The power source line is wired to the first plug, black to bottom black screw, white to bottom white screw and ground to ground screw. Pigtails on the top two screws. Other plug has pigtails from bottom two screws and ground screw. All pigtails are connected at the line that goes to a light switch, black to black, white to white and grounds. I used a plastic box. I won't turn the breaker back on until we are sure it's right. Thanks Bob!

OK, the only problem I see is that the ground is not continuous.  All of the grounds need to connect together. So, in every box that is not the end, there should be a wire nut with grounds in it.  All of the ground wires would connect together, and then there should be a pigtail that goes to the green screw on the switch or outlet.  On the last box with one wire, and the box is plastic, the ground wire would just go to the green screw.
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