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Hi.  I have a three way switch in our kitchen that controls the two fluorescent circle lights (32w and 22w) and the outside porch light.  For the past couple of weeks, I have noticed the switch feels very slightly warm after it has been on for five or six hours.  I know that a hot switch is dangerous, but I wasn't sure if switches ever generate heat after periods of use.  The switch isn't a dimmer but is an older switch.  I will have someone come check the connections, but it will be a few day before I have someone can come out.  As long as I don't use the switch, it is safe to wait or is this is a situation that should be dealt with immediately.  

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If you don't turn the lights on, then it should not be warm. If you turn the lights on from the other switch, the current still goes through the switch that is getting warm. I would try not to use the lights, and make sure it is still not warm.  Also, be sure to rule out that the heat is not coming from another source, such as the sun beating down on the other side of the wall.
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