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i installed switch wired like it showed the pump did not work
pump has two wires i put black on no.2 green to green.
did not work tried putting with the whites still did not work.

Unless the polarity is reversed, meaning white is hot and black is neutral, you should have from the pump to the switch the following: Black to #2, green to green, and white to the other whites.

You have to make sure the Line voltage (hot) goes to the L1 terminal.

Assuming your switch is set for #2 to be the pump:

Turn off the switch and put your meter on AC voltage (above 200 volts) and put one lead on the L1 and the other lead to the white that comes in with the black hot wire.
You should read 110 to 120 volts.

If you get the proper voltage you will turn the switch on so the pump is suppose to be energized. Now read from #2 to the same white.

If you get the proper voltage and the pump does not come on it means you either have a loose connection, disconnection, something stuck in the impeller, or the pump needs to be replaced.

If you get no voltage from #2 to the supply white (neutral) then either the switch is bad or #2 is not meant to be the pump.

Of course make all connections with the power off.  
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