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I've got a couple of electrical sockets on a kitchen wall, along with the little electronic "click" starter on a gas stovetop (right in front of that wall) that are just dead.  They were working fine yesterday afternoon, then just quit working last night.  (No pops, no noises, nothing...)  
I went downstairs to the basement switch box, but none of the breaker switches had been flipped.  Just to be sure, I switched every single one to OFF, then switched it back ON.  And that didn't fix the problem.
Can you give me any suggestions as to what might be wrong, and how to go about chasing down the problem?  If I need to get any special tool to help me search for the problem, I'll do so.
Any suggestions, advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
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ANSWER: Most likely there is a GFCI outlet that controls other outlets in the kitchen. It will have a test and reset button.  Just press the reset.  If that is not the problem, then probably a wire came loose in one of the outlets.

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QUESTION: Thanks for the quick response, Bob.  There is a GFCI outlet, and I pressed RESET but it didn't fix the problem.  I went and got a new GFCI outlet and installed it in place of the old one (turned off the power first, naturally) and noticed that the new GFCI outlet has a small green light on it to indicate that it's getting power.  But I plugged a small clock into the new GFCI outlet just to to make sure that things were working, and it didn't light up at all.  I tried both plug sockets, but nothing.  Can you think of any reason that a GFCI plug (with the little green light burning) would have dead sockets?

Assuming that the power coming in us connected to the line side, and the wire going to the rest of the outlets is connected to the load side, it should work. You may want to get a regular outlet (don't use it for anything else but testing), or a test light, and make sure you are getting power from the line in.  If you are getting power from the line in, then the GFCI should work unless it is defective. There is a chance that the white wire is disconnected somewhere between the GFCI and the panel, and that the green light is being lit by feedback from the black wire.  Another way of telling if a GFCI is getting power, is by pushing test and reset.  It will not reset if there is no power.
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