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QUESTION: First off, I would like to say that I know I should not be touching electrical wiring because I am not a licensed electrician. So my question is not how to do it, but where the problem may be. I have rewired half my house because the guy who wired wasn't a professional, but rather an idiot, so I do have a good understanding of it. Anyway the problem is with my mother-in-laws wiring. She was doing laundry and the washer burnt up. I went over there to check everything out. She has a fuse box and not breakers. All fuses were good. When she tries to use the oven or microwave, they'll turn on, but the oven elements or microwave won't get hot. Like they're not getting the required amps. I replaced the fuses to be sure they weren't blown and it's really not blowing them. To me this seems like the wiring to those outlets is bad, but by the time I found the crawlspace I had to go to work so i just pulled the fuse on that corner of the house to prevent a fire. I'm sure it has to be the wiring to that corner but wouldn't it cause a blown fuse if it was a short?

ANSWER: Fuse box. Doesn't matter.
Sounds like you don't have 240 volts anymore.
Could be anywhere from the transformer in.
Call the power company

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Does it make a difference that the other half of the house has no problem running air conditioners and the fridge and whatnot just fine?

Are they 240 volt appliances?
What bad wiring?
What short?
You don't know enough to have anything seem anything to you.
The termination in the fuse box could have failed.
The meter base could have a problem.
Is it an overhead service? It could be a bad splice at the service head or anywhere in the run to the transformer.
Underground? You could have had a stone migrate through the insulation and the conductor finally rotted away or burned up. Corrosion at a buried splice....
The transformer could have a problem, an open secondary.
It could be anything, but not the wiring in the corner of the house!
You have lost a leg somewhere...and the service is old enough to be replaced anyway if it is all fuses.  

Call the power company or an electrician.
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