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QUESTION: I have a regent outdoor light nn1204m 175w 120v 60hz 4A.
It tests 230v at the socket.
Do I use a 230-v bulb?

ANSWER: No. It is wired wrong.  And the increased voltage could ruin any electronics, such as a photo cell or motion detector.

Somehow the neutral wire is connected to a hot wire from another circuit. Check and make sure that the white wire connects to a white wire.  If you connected it to a random circuit, it may be a wire going to a 230 volt appliance. (where the white wire is actually a hot wire)

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QUESTION: It tests 110v going into the light. 230v at the socket.
I just removed the light and wired it to an extension cord.
Possible transformer issue?

Thank You

ANSWER: No, if it was a transformer issue, the whole house would be blowing bulbs and burning out electronics.

Tell me more about how you wired it, and where the power comes from.


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QUESTION: It was an existing light with no bulb when I got the house.
The internals of the light were wired by ? and the wiring is in order up to the light (110v) including ground.
Recently I took down the light and wired it directly to a 110v outlet via extension cord so I don't have to stand on a ladder.
I hooked it up to the only 2 leads (black/white)showing.
I left the ground (green) off for now.
MY black wire goes to the light's black wire that leads to the eye.
It comes out of the eye (red) and goes to one side of what looks like a double transformer.
A black wire comes out of the other side of that transformer and leads to the socket.
The other transformer has only a white lead coming out that goes to the socket. It comes off that same white connection (socket) and goes to a wire nut where it is tied in with the eye (white) and MY white connection from the extension cord.
Sorry. I cannot find a schematic for this thing.
Thanks again.


So it is a vapor light?  The kind that is bluish or yellowish?  The ballast changes the voltage and does other things.  So, just use the bulb that is made for the fixture.  Only one bulb is made for that fixture. You don't need to worry about the voltage at the socket, because the bulb is made for that fixture.
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