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QUESTION: Hi Bob. This house I just moved into has a 240v circuit in the garage that originates from a 50 amp breaker in the main panel and goes through a meter box which used to have its own electric meter. This circuit was installed years ago to charge an electric car. As I understand it they received a time of use discount to charge the car and that's why the circuit had separate electric meter. Well when they moved out they had the electric service dropped and so now that circuit is dead because there's no longer an electric meter to complete the circuit. Can I have an electrician install simple electric meter bypass jumpers to get that circuit working again or will the solution be more complicated? Thanks in advance.

ANSWER: No one can bypass the meter, because the power company would not be paid.  You might be able to have another meter installed in the space, but you would probably have to pay two service charges on your bill.  So, an electrician would have to reroute the wire from the meter to your breaker box.

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QUESTION: Sorry Bob, I've confused you. My question is not about stealing power or bypassing the primary meter. I'm asking about a empty secondary meter box with a circuit off of the homes main panel that had another secondary meter for the electric car charger on it. The power flowed through the primary meter to the panel onto a 50 amp circuit through a secondary meter to an electric car charger. The secondary meter charged time-of-use and all of it's kWh's were subtracted from the primary meter so there was no double billing.

Again, my question is not about stealing power. I just want to know if having electric meter bypass jumpers installed in the presently empty secondary meter box to complete the 240v circuit (of witch every kWh would be accounted for through the homes primary meter) is an acceptable and permanent solution to re-enable that 204v circuit.

I have never seen a set up for an electric car, but separate meters for water heaters were common.  They split at the meter box.

In your situation, an electrician would make the decision on how to bypass the meter socket, depending on what is on his truck and what is easier.  He might just run a new wire, run a piece of a new wire with a junction box, or find a device to bridge the meter socket.
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