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If a hospital is allowing something that is an electrical hazard, who would I report it to?
I have recently had to check different areas of a hospital for problems, and this included using a circuit and tension tester to check outlets. I have found on many occasions that the pair of snap-in outlets on night light panels in the patient rooms have zero tension on the ground. The circuit tester actually shows an open ground when these outlets are tested. Only when the tester is plugged in and tilted up or down (so it makes contact with the ground) will it show an okay circuit. I do not believe these outlets are this way because of use, but because they are cheaply made. The hospital does not want to replace them because of cost.

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Sorry for the delay in answering
I think you could report it to:
Head of surgery department, and any other department head
Hospital Board of Trustees
City Dept of License and Inspections
State Hospital Licensing Board
Newspaper - letter to the editor
Local TV station - someone always wants a story

Fix them or eliminate them would be my theory.
Good Luck
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