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Hi Robert:

One of my circuit breakers (for the living room) keeps tripping and there is nothing extra plugged in that hasn't been plugged in for the last 13 years (just 2 lamps). The first time I was able to flip the switch back on, lights came back on and I thought the issue was resolved. Now I can't even flip the switch. Could it be the breaker itself? Thanks.

Hello Kevin,
My name is Robert and ill be helping you today, in response to your question yes it "COULD" be the breaker but i doubt it.What type of breaker is it? we'll start there next from what i understand is that each time you turn on the switch the breaker trips if that's the case than it sounds as if you have a short and not a big deal all we have to do is clear the short and make any repairs if needed.That being said we need to first track down However lets rule out the breaker.
How To Rule Out The Breaker:
1-Turn off the breaker that keeps tripping(slide /flip to the left)
2-Take off the wire going to that breaker
3-Turn off the breaker either above or below the breaker your having trouble with(just as long as its the same type of breaker, Single Pole) and remove THAT wire as well
4-Now put the wire that you FIRST took off and simply put it to the 2nd breaker you just removed the wire from and turn on that breaker IF it trips than we know that the original breaker is GOOD.If it doesn't trip than the original breaker has failed and all you have to do is replace It And your DONE :) NOW if there is ANYTHING you either don't understand or feel comfortable with that I explained please don't hesitate to ask before proceeding all questions come straight to my phone so my response time is pretty quick.So lets start with that and let me know, after that we'll start with tracing down the short in addition please let me know if you have an electrical tester/meter and also would you feel comfortable removing switches and receptacles to further troubleshoot.  
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