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Electrical Wiring in the Home/Electrical Circuit Problem- Part 2


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QUESTION: Hi Robert:

Is this what I need?

ANSWER: Perfect that will do just fine ill see you Saturday :)

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Robert:

I tested the circuit breaker as you suggested by connecting the wire from the problem circuit to the breaker right above it and the same thing occurred. Therefore, the problem is not the breaker but a short somewhere. What is my next step to track this down? Thanks Robert.

ANSWER: Ok so what we did was rule out the breaker.
1-Now unplug the 2 lamps and try it if the breaker holds the problem is in the lamps than just simply rule them out 1 by 1

2-if its not the lamps go to the switch First and remove the switch plate than the actual switch and look for the obvious some type of burn or any black residue indicating a short

3-Go to the outlets the the lamps are plugged into and open them up... inside each receptacle box your looking for a broken wire possibly hitting the box which would cause the short your also looking for a nick in any of the wires.
After doing all of that leave everything open and update me and than we will continue

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Robert:

I ruled out the lamps and checked every switch and outlet that I know to be on that circuit. No sign of any short. My alarm is also on that circuit because it is inoperable too. The only thing I did not check was the ceiling fan and the chandelier junction box because they are 18 feet up. Any advice? Thanks.

Ok kevin, Your doing AWESOME now lets try everything we can w/o having to go to the ceiling fan especially being 18ft up.Now lets just briefly go back to the beginning does the breaker trip immediately or does it trip when you turn on the switch to the lamps, if not explain again In detail what exactly is happening and ANY OTHER detail you may have no matter how small you may thing they are PRIOR to the problem.Did you drop a lamp, were you using a heavy duty appliance, did lighting hit your house.; you get my idea thanks i really want to avoid having you have to go up to that ceiling fan that would suck
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