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 I am renting a house in central Texas and we keep on loosing light bulbs.  The house is 20 years old, good condition and no other electrical issues to speak of.  There are 2 sockets that haven't worked since we moved in, otherwise good to go.  Question, how do I measure the surge(s)?  Is there a reasonably priced device that I can plug in and it will record the highs or lows over a given period?  Already used a volt meter and nothing major to report about.  I am looking to gather info before I call the electric company and owners.  I would appreciate any help you can give me or a direction you can point me in.

Thanks, Damon Bosonac

Hello Damon,
Sorry for the delay been away for the holiday weekend,that beeing said
My name is Robert and ill be helping you today and in response to your question there's really no reasonably priced product  out there to do what you need however most digital UPS's (Uninterrupted Power Supplies) A.K.A. Battery back up's the digital ones come with software that hooks up to you computer and records a bunch of data including voltage be it UNDER or OVER as well as on the screen of the unit itself you can pick one up at Best Buy for $89-125...next what makes you think that your getting voltage spikes? There are other reasons that can cause light bulbs to blow aside from voltage spikes Such As;
1-Cheap bulbs ex.Those purchased from a Dollar store.
2-Using a higher than recomended bulb in the fixture ex. Using a 75w when 60w is max.
3-The bulb socket is damaged and the bulb base is not making full contact
4-the fixture itself is of poor quality and what happens is the base of the socket is made of a poorer grade aluminum and the heat generated causes the socket base to swell a bit and causes the bulb to NOT make full contact thush creating resistance and blow the bulb,Just to name a few...
So you see there are many diffrent reasons for a bulb to constantly blow i would recomend using a higher "VOLTAGE BULB" 130v which has a stronger and tougher filliment
Basically what your looking for is nothing more than a Rough Surface Light Bulb and can be purchased online or at any home depot or hardware store.Hope this helps and please contact me for ANY other questions or  concerns.  
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