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Dear Expert,

I am sure you may have answered this question many times, but i hope you can give a reply one more time to me.

I live in a sub-urban area in India. The voltage supplied to house holds in India is 230V at 50Hz (3 phase or 1 phase).

I have a single phase 230V connection at home.

During summers, the voltage drops to as low as 100V rendering most of the heavy appliances useless (especially AC - I have a 1.5 ton AC with a power consumption of 1875 watts).

However, my concern is not just about AC, but about supplying a constant (boosted) voltage/ampereage for the entire home.

Let me put upfront that I am no expert at all in electrical sciences. I only had electronics as a subject in my under-grad course and i have little (or no) practical knowledge of how appliances work under varying loads of current/voltage.

I need your advice/opinion/help trying to understand and address this problem.

I calculated that the entire load that my home has (if i were to switch on all the appliances, which i would never do anyway) is at 10KVA.

I want to use a buck-boost transformer to achieve this voltage boosting( someone was trying to sell me a servo-stabiliser of 10KVA rated 40 amps for this).

Can you advice me about the best way to have the voltage 'fairly' boosted to around 230 all the time (buck-boost transformer or a servo-stab)..

Specifically, i want to know, if it is possible at all to keep the voltage boosted (yet providing the necessary amperes to all the equipment). I have so many more questions, that i will reserve to ask you for later.

thank you in anticipation

best regards

Hello Ramesh,
Im not sure i can be much help to you on this question being that im not that familiar with how your Utility company works in india or fully understand the voltage that comes to the homes in India HOWEVER i NEVER turned down a person i. Need of help and or answers so i will help you THE BEST that i can but im also going to need help from you first so i first need you to help me better understand how power is brought into homes in your country than i will be able to better answer your questions.
1-How many wires come into your home? (from the power company)
2-is it single phase(220v) or 3phase(where you have 3 hot legs)
3-how many volts are your standard receptacles (110v-or220v)
4-how many volts is your A/C (110vor220v)& is it a central air unit
Also i ask the first 2 questions because im a little confused with your statement you wrote in the beginning of your question to me and theres a BIG difference between single phase and 3 phase and its quite rare if not odd to have 3 phase coming i to a residential home and maybe you meant single phase WHICH IS(220v) 2 hot wires both with 110v each when reading to ground in a single phase service and you would infact have 3 wires coming into your home 2 hots and a neutral OR maybe 4 if your Utility company brings in a ground.In the United States We use we dont have a ground wire coming in from the utility company and infact use a ground rod.Hope this helps a bit ill be waiting your response.Robert  
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