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Hi. I have a gfci outlet with several outlets downstream from it. All was working fine until the downstream outlets went dead. The gfci outlet won't reset. However the gfci outlet itself works. I tried a number of things.
I used a no contact current tester and it registered power by the hot connection on the load screw. No current on the hot connection on the line screw.
Even though it always worked before I thought maybe line and load were reversed so I swapped them. All that did was make the gfci outlets stop working in addition to downstream not working. So I put the wires back the way they were.
I bought a new gfci and downstream still didn't work plus gfci outlets wouldn't work so worse than old gfci. And still won't reset.
I took the gfci out altogether and with a wire nut directly connected the line and load hots and then the line and load neutrals. All the downstream receptacles worked.
So I figure it is something with the gfci but I'm not sure what the issue would be.

Hello Scott,
My name is Robert and ill be helping you today and in response to your question We first half alot to go over in retrospect on how "GFCI's" work,that being said on a GFI you have a "LINE" & "LOAD" terminals the line side gets the incoming power/feed than you have the "load" terminals which is under that yellow sticker and ONLY gets used when conecting additional non gfi recepticles and thats so you can conect those .99 cent receptacles  w/o having to purchase additional  GFI's,Next when installing GFI's it is IMPORTANT  to properly  ground them for proper & reliable operation continuing  on in the event that a gfi doesn't reset the first place you should go is the electrical panel a gfi that doesn't  reset indicates a power loss such as A tripped breaker or a faulty gfi, Now in your case going by you situation and information given  would indicate to me-
1-A bad GFI
2-A break in a wire/ a blown splice
3-inproper wiring of gfi
☆NOTE☆ You mentioned you used a non-contact voltage tester Although a GREAT & HANDY tool please understand they have a HIGH sensitivity rate and can mislead you as well as give off FALSE POSITIVES especially in tight areas...in these situations  please use a meter when possible.
Final Thoughts-working off your information please re-install that new gfi again by identifying the main feed and conecting it to the line side of the gfi then conecting your "downstream" resepticles to the load terminals under that yellow sticker.Also note that if you have any other gfi's downstream it can get a little tricky and require a slightly  different wiring method which we can go into whould that situation  arise.
Lastly please note it is DEFINITELY POSSIBLE that you purchased a "bad" gfi people buy and switch them ALL the time just to get a freebie which is pretty  low and you the honest customer gets SCREWED and in this case going by the information given im thinking thats what happened especially if you connected the lines and loads together and it worked...try a diffrent one just to rule that out and get back to me.I hope i was helpful and i truly believe  in educating  my customers rather than just giving answers in addition  please take a minute  to fill out the servey its important to me and helps me help more customers  such as yourself,Thank You Robert  
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