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OK this question is about A mobile home A trailer it's kinda old I think it was made in the 1970's. This is A major problem that occurred A few months ago. As it stands right now the electricity in the home is very weak, and what I mean by that is that I can't seem to use any type of appliance, or device that draws a lot of power. Some examples are I can't use A refrigerator, A stove, air conditioner, microwave, A washer or dryer, electrical heating won't work, and so on anything that requires a lot of power won't work. But on the other hand I can still turn on my lights, all the regular lights in the whole home will still work, but they do blink A few times, but the lights will still work. My television will still come on, and work, but the funny thing about that is that in order for the TV to remain on I have to leave 2 of the lights on in the living room because that's where the TV is at so in order for the TV to stay on I have to leave 2 of the lights on in the living room because the TV will not stay on if those lights are off it's like the TV needs those 2 lights turned on to work it's weird. The hot water heater still works as well I can still get hot water. So basically it seems like some of the things that don't need much power will still work, and the things that do need a lot of power will not work. I'm not very skilled at anything electric so I don't know what it is. And like I said this happened A few months ago everything was fine, and working, and then I came home one day, and I noticed that something was not right things seem to be messed up. But any advice that you could give me world be greatly appreciated thanks.

You said a trailer, which could mean that you have a 30-amp 120-volt power supply for a travel trailer.
I will address this as if you have a 120/240 volt service like a house.
I am saying this because of your observation that the water heater works normally, which is most likely a 240 volt unit.
That being the case, my initial and strongest instinct is that you have an open, or high resistance, neutral conductor in the service.
The symptoms you observe are the product of a basic resistance/load configuration shift caused by the electrical imbalance created by the loss of the normal neutral path.
This is a not uncommon problem.
This is not a repair for a handyman or the unskilled.
Fortunately, the repair is often inexpensive, as the most common points of general neutral failure are repaired by the utility company.
The likelihood that it is an issue which the utility will address is bolstered by the fact that the problem developed during the winter.
This suggests outside, rather than in your panel, and is probably weather related.
Corrosion, splice failure, broken connection due to a fallen limb, transformer connection and so on.
Call your electric utility and ask for emergency repair.
Tell them to come out because you have power problems and you have been told you have an open service neutral.
They will come out and either fix the problem or tell you to get an electrician because it is in your meter enclosure or panel, which is your problem but unlikely.
Good luck.
Electricity is dangerous!
You can be injured or killed!
Improper installations can cause fire, injury and death!
Are you qualified to do this work?
National Electrical Code definition, NFPA 70 2008 Article 100: Qualified Person. "One who has skills and knowledge related to the construction and operation of the electrical equipment and installations and has received safety training to recognize and avoid the hazards involved."
Electricity is fire in a box!
Always check with the local “Authority Having Jurisdiction” for an official interpretation before making installation decisions.
In Philadelphia, it is unlawful for anyone except an individual licensed by the City of Philadelphia to install electrical equipment and wiring.
Homeowners are not allowed to install wiring.
The owner of any property wherein any such installation is discovered shall be issued a violation by the Department of Licenses and Inspections.
The limited exceptions include replacing devices and fixtures at existing outlets.
Contact the Department of Licenses and Inspections for more information.
You are more likely to be killed by 120 volts than any other voltage [120 volts creates the PERFECT fatal current through the human body's electrical resistance!]
This information is provided for the use of parties as they see fit!
I am not responsible for the application of this information by any party, including those lacking sufficient skill or knowledge to perform these steps safely and any hazard created is the SOLE responsibility of the user.
Robert Wilber
Licensed Philadelphia Electrician
Philadelphia License # 3516 - 16765

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