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QUESTION: Dear Experts,

I have one ceiling fan running very slow with 220v single phase, Upon changing the capacitor problem was resolved, but after some month passed same issue appeared again,This time again i tried to change the capacitor but speed is still very slow, I checked the resistance b/w Common to 1st wire is 47 ohm( seems like it's starting winding)& common to 2nd wire is 145 ohm ( may be this is running winding), used capacitor value is 2.5micro farad, I tried to use 2 capacitor in parallel speed is improve little bit but still not the right speed,
By rotating with hand it's quite smooth movement seems like bearings are ok,
Please guide me whether capacitor is real problem or there is some issue with winding,
2nd, if i increase the capacitor capacity till 30 micro farad, is that ok, what could affect with high value capacitor, & what is the maximum limit for this capacitor to be used.


ANSWER: Is the capacitor a run or start capacitor?

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wire configuration
wire configuration  
QUESTION: I believe this is start capacitor bez without capacitor fan could not get start, the capacitor wire configuration as below,
2 wires from start winding  & 2 from running winding, One end of cap is connected with start other with running, remaining 2 wires (of start/running) are common, 220v\AC source is given on common & one end of capacitor as shown in picture.


The windings are most likely the problem. A start capacitor gives the motor a momentary boost to over come inertia. Once the motor is up to speed the start windings should drop out.

There are some hard start kits available that give the start windings a bigger boost but they have to be sized correctly or you can burn out the windings, plus they have a solid state relay to take the start windings out of the circuit once the motor is running.

You can try a hard start kit, but it sounds like you have a windings problem.

What is the amp draw upon start up?  
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